To give people an opportunity to experience consciousness through yoga, music and inspiration. 

 To influence people in a positive way to make the quality of their lives and others better.

There is abundance in giving.

 SEVA (Selfless Service) is something that the creators of Emerge Festival hold in their core values. 

We give 10% of all ticket profits to two Not for Profit Charities, committed to the body, mind, and planet.




We select a family from our community who is dealing with a loved one with a major illness. We take the family away from the stress of their everyday life and send them to have an all inclusive vacation where they can focus on love, vitality, and creating precious memories that they can forever have.

“Rainforest Conservation”

Rainforests cover only 2% of the earth, but are home to over 50% of the earths plants and animals. We choose to give a percentage of all ticket sales to purchasing conservation land that will be protected from chemical pesticides, farming and deforestation. We are passionate about the world we live in!

We are dedicated to bringing the worlds top yoga teachers, meditation instructors, musicians and new age thinkers to Canada and our community.


Note From The Founder: 

“When my Dad was diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer someone donated a vacation to my family. Little did they know, they didn’t give us only that. They gave us time together that I still cherish to this day. Now we are giving back"  - Chessa