Morning vs. Evening Yoga

What is the best way to practice yoga in the morning vs. the evening? 

Well there is no right answer for this. But... in our internet wandering we discovered an interesting concept around circadian rhythms. But what is a circadian rhythm you may ask...

Circadian Rhythm

So if we think about how our body is on this cycle of wake and then sleep why not adapt our yoga practice to support out biological functions. 

Morning Yoga

How can we make it envigorating? 

How can we shake off the rigour of sleep? 

How can we get our heart pumping, or blood flowing and our joints opening up?

Try a vinyasa or ashtanga flow first thing in the morning before work

Try a personal practice that flows with music or the sound of nature with focus on constant movement with your breathe! 

Evening Yoga

How can we settle our nervous system down from the day? 

How can we chill out and mellow out?

How can we bring our heart rate down, calm our breathing and relax our nervous system?

Ever wonder why yin classes are usually offered in the evenings at studio? ;) Now you know why. 

Slow it down. Rest the body and the brain. Allow yourself to come to a place of rest before sleep. 

A Word From Emerge Founder + City of Om Festival

A Word From Emerge Founder + City of Om Festival

Work-life balance is a habit that any person can strive to develop. However, we have to do our part and put in work to achieve any sort of balance. The way I have decided to do is through exercise. For me, sometimes getting out in the morning for a run or a walk is my only time to myself in a day. I love using that time to strengthen my body as well as my mental game. There have been numerous studies linking successful days, directly to our morning rituals.

As of this week, my assistant Kim and I have been training for the City of Om "Free Spirit 5K".